The new aims to bring editors, industry professionals and you together as a large community to discuss news, great stories, tips and tactics, gear, photos, videos and more!

To help evaluate who is contributing, and to what extent, we’ve developed a stars and points ranking system. By sharing your stories, asking and answering questions, posting to the message boards, uploading photos, rating articles, leaving and rating gear reviews and commenting on articles, you generate points, which in turn correlate to a star-ranking system that will appear next to your profile name in these same areas. At a glance, individuals in the OL universe will know if they can trust you and if you’re a “regular” that knows what he’s talking about.

Likewise, if you leave improper responses, waste everyone’s time with tasteless comments or upload unpopular photos, OL users have the option of voting down your contributions which will reduce your stars-and-points ranking within the community. If editors have to remove your posts for any reason, you’ll be penalized to a greater extent.

We hope this feature will be popular and will help discern regular users from trolls that are only here to stir the pot. Because this feature is as new to us as it is to you, we’ll be watching the impact various contributions have and will be tweaking the formula as the site and audience grow.

Additionally, we’ll also be watching for those of you that are regular contributors and that possess the level-headed personality and knowledge to become site moderators. More to come on that in the future!


The Outdoor Life Staff