Be a Star: Win Some Gear!

Do you know how much gear (clothing, electronics, fishing lures, treestands, books, etc) is sitting in the Outdoor Life office? The answer is: TONS. Almost everything photographed in the magazine is shot in-house and many times we’re told to just keep it. (We also get reams of unsolicited items: Billy Bob’s Homemade Secret Catfish Stinkbait, for instance…).

While it’s great fun to play with all this gear, it tends to pile up in individual editor’s cubicles…which quickly looks less like a Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shops and more like a repository for flea-market rejects.

To get the boss off our back and to celebrate the new, we’re cleaning out the cubes and giving this gear away. And winning it is as easy as a broadside shot at 20 yards.

To win gear, all you have to do is leave comments in stories, blogs or message boards.

Now, this isn’t a contest to see who can post the most drivel. In fact, if you take the route of posting junk, odds are you’ll be penalized because an editor will have to delete the post.

We’re randomly going to select winners from various participatory portions of the site and award prizes, so make sure your profiles and contact info are up to date.


While we’re looking at site participation as whole when awarding this great gear, there are ways to stand out:

Stars and Rankings: We can see who is posting worthwhile stuff by your stars and rankings score. Those with high rankings will likely find themselves in an elite circle of friends receiving gear.

Comments: We know you’re checking out the site because traffic is through the roof! What you need to do is tell the world what you think. Leave a comment at the end of a story or blog and not only does your stars-and-ranking score go up, but your name and image on increases. Garnering the respect of your peers and attention from the editors-who will be sending these prizes out (hint, hint).

Message Boards: We frequent a bunch of message boards in our daily life as editors. We look for news, hot topics and other items that push outdoorsmen’s buttons (not to mention just following our own passions). We know we can’t compete with the camaraderie of your local niche message board, but we do think there are a gazillion people on that have great things to say and share. We want to build out our message board to reflect your interests and expertise. (Hint, hint: editors will be perusing the message boards looking for thought-provoking commentators to send gear to…).

Photos: Vote on photos and leave a comment. This has to be the easiest thing in the world to do guys. Just go to “Photos” in the upper-right-hand corner and then click into “User Photos” and start voting “Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs Down” and jot down a quick line as to why you like the image. Hint: Upload your own and your stars-and-rankings score gets a big boost.