Indianapolis Colts star Adam Vinatieri is a four-time Super Bowl champion and the most “clutch” kicker in the history of football. But when he’s not splitting the uprights to make game-winning field goals, he’s a diehard sportsman with a passion for hunting, fishing and our Second Amendment rights.

OL: Do you hunt at all during football season?

AV: During football season, we get Tuesday off, so that’s when I always try to climb a tree stand when I can.

OL: Is hunting a fairly recent endeavor for you, or has it been a lifelong activity?

AV: I started very young–my family used to say I was born with a shotgun in my hand. My dad took me pheasant hunting, duck hunting when I was around 5 years old–whenever I could handle the conditions.

OL: Do your wife and kids hunt as well?

AV: My wife really likes the outdoors. She doesn’t hunt, but she doesn’t mind that I do. I’ve been fortunate to take my oldest son hunting. He’s so enthusiastic about it. He loves hunting, and whenever we get back from a trip, he’s always asking when we can go again.

OL: I understand you fish too. Where do you like to fish?

AV: I’ve done some local bass fishing here in Indiana, which I really enjoy. I’ve also been to Panama and Costa Rica for more deep water fishing, fishing for sailfish.

OL: Do you take your kids to those places?

AV: My son hasn’t accompanied me out of the country yet. I think he’d almost rather hunt than fish at this point. I’m sure once he gets a little older, I’ll take him fishing somewhere like that.

OL: I understand you’re very passionate about our rights, as sportsmen. What is it, particularly, that drives you?

AV: Yes, I think it’s so important to support our sports and our American right to own guns. But, more importantly, I think it’s vital to bring up our children so they’re able to see wildlife. You should be able to experience wildlife everywhere. That’s how I decompress, and that’s really what I want to help support and help promote.

OL: Are you secretly hoping the lockout lasts so you can spend more time hunting this fall?

AV: “I’m pretty bummed out about how long the NFL lockout has lasted. If there’s one silver lining in a delay to the start of the season, it’d be that I could do more early-season deer hunting and take my son out more. But I’d rather be playing football.”

OL: Do you hunt with any of your teammates?

AV: “Every team in the NFL has at least four or five guys who love to hunt. My teammates Jeff Saturday and Justin Snow and I go hunting together quite a bit, but it can be difficult to find the time. Obviously, football keeps us plenty busy, and when we do have off days we’ve all got our “honey do” lists to attend to.”