Photo by Brian Klutch

Leaving your bow in its case at the end of a hunt might mean problems on your next time out. Prior to stashing your compound or crossbow, complete this 10-point checklist.

1. Never store a wet bow in a case. Towel it off first.

2. “Pluck” the string to check for any loose components.

3. Inspect nock loops for fraying.

4. Check bowstrings, peep sight servings, and string servings for signs of wear.

5. Inspect the cams for debris. Clean them as necessary.

6. Check limb pockets for debris. Clean them as necessary.

7. Inspect the fiber-optic pins for damage.

8. Exercise your release under tension several times to ensure it’s working properly.

9. Gently flex arrow shafts to check for damage.

10. Never store broadheads with your bow. They are razor-sharp.

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