hunter and his workshop
Do it all this fall. Vincent Soyez

“Do it yourself.” Utter that phrase to your boss and you could end up with a pink slip. Say it to an outdoorsman and the lightbulb comes on.

We love to build, tweak, and tinker with stuff that will help us become better hunters and fishermen. We hone our skills for that split second when we get to deploy them, whether it’s making a shot or setting a hook.

This is how we do it all.

plucked duck

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Ride a Trail Horse
Drop a Double
Hit Quartering Birds
Properly Mount a Scope
Pluck a Duck
Check an Arrow for Straightness
Hook More Fish
Make an Underhand Cast
Case Skin a ‘Coon
Condition Your Boots
Pick a Sinker
Re-Flush a Ruff
Fillet Panfish
Anchor to a Fish a Reef
Field-Prep Taxidermy
Fire Up Smallmouths
Reload Faster
Close a Gobbler
Tag-Team Squirrels
Fine-Tune Your Troll
Dial in Your Deer
Set a Deer Decoy
Keep Your Meat
Flag an Antelope
tobacco can hack

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Keep Your AR Running
Make a Simple Precision Target
Tune Your Bow Release
Sharpen Fishhooks
Make a Heater from a Coffee Can
Vote Bull’s-Eye
Gauge the Wind for Free
Repair a Tent Pole
Make a $5 Bow Target
Repurpose Dry Storage
Make Fire in a Can
Hang a Stand with a Dog Leash
Deter Treestand Thieves
Call Bulk Elk