Reader Project submitted by Chris Holdbrooks from Guntersville, AL


Photo courtesy of Chris Holdbrooks

“The width of the carrier is the same as the factory rack on my ATV [40 inches]. The basket is 12 inches off the ground, allowing plenty of clearance for steep approach angles, and the 22-inch-deep basket accommodates two climbing stands.

“The trusses [horizontal members] that run from front to back have a 3/16-inch plate welded to them for bolting to the factory rack. Two horizontal members extending from the front of the basket insert into 1 ¼-inch square tube receivers welded to the ATV’s frame and support the majority of the weight of the carrier and cargo.

“The vertical posts of the trusses extend high enough to clear my treestands. A pivoting cross member between the posts has two arms that hold my bow case. The arms have uprights on the front and back to secure the case. The arms pivot out of the way to allow access to the basket. Tabs at the pivots hold the arms up when raised and stop them at horizontal when lowered.

“For weight savings [the finished product weighs about 50 pounds], I used ¾-inch conduit for the diagonals of the trusses and the non-structural pieces of the basket. U-bolts and D-rings are welded in various locations for attaching straps.”

Time to Complete: 50 Hours

1 1/4″ 16-ga. sq. tubing
1″ 16-ga. sq. tubing
3/4″ conduit
3/16″ plate
U-bolts and D-rings

Wire Welder
Metal band saw
Chop Saw
Drill press

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