jackson dorian

Shane Dorian is a badass. My job puts me in the company of some pretty remarkable people, but there are few I’d describe that way. Shane is not only a decorated big-wave surfer, but he’s a hard-core bowhunter who, it seems, would rather be stalking wild pigs and axis deer near his Hawaiian home than riding waves.

I got a chance to hunt with Shane last month in New Zealand, and here’s the other detail that qualifies him for the badass adjective: when he wasn’t hunting, he was checking in with his family, including his son, Jackson.

So when I saw this film from Yeti about Shane and his commitment to his family, the first folks I showed it to were my own kids, who are on my mind every time I leave home. My daughter agrees with me: Shane Dorian is a badass. My boys think Jackson is. Enjoy the film, just in time for Fathers Day.