You'll need to go the extra yard to score consistently on good bucks.

Go beyond the basics to achieve better arrow groups. Try these.

  1. _Get a Grip–_On release, the natural tendency is to choke the grip. This leads to torquing the bow. Arrows are pulled off target either left or right.

A light, relaxed grip minimizes transferring hand torque to the arrow. Try a bow sling; they reduce the tendency to grab the grip.

  1. _Draw Cycle–_A herky-jerky draw means: 1.) too much draw weight and/or 2.) you’re not in bow shape–both cause ill-flying arrows. Drawing a bow should be one, fluid push-pull motion.

  2. _Aim–_Possessing the ability to hold a bow steady is of paramount importance. Archers experience target panic when they’re unable to steady their pin on the target. Rushed, punched or pulled shots result. Trained muscles and well-rehearsed shot sequences minimize target panic.

  3. _Release–_The advantages mechanical releases have over fingers are tantamount. Greater draw comfort and logarithmically cleaner string releases top the list.

Setting trigger tension too tight is a common mistake. Hair triggers lead to punching or jabbing.

Set tension high enough so you must pull through. Pulling through means using back tension to initiate the shot; use the first or second finger crease to activate the release. Fingertip trigger trips jerk shots off course.

  1. _Think about It–_Professional athletes have mental routines they follow prior to performing. Golfers address the ball and pitchers set their foot on the rubber, lean-in and get the signal. Prior to executing, mentally run through the perfect shot sequence checklist.