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This guest blog is from Mike’s writing colleague of 30 years, Jeff Murray. It is longer than most posts, but you need to read every word.

Last August, the Mayo Clinic diagnosed me with a rare blood disease, systemic mastocytosis. There is no known cure. As I listened to the prognosis – 2 to 5 years barring a miracle or a miracle drug – I thought about my family and friends.

And my bowhunting.

I’d lined up an elk trip and a backcountry moose expedition. Then I was going to focus on whitetails with my 27-year-old son, Jared. But who was I kidding? I’d lost 25 pounds and could barely scale a flight of stairs, let alone a hill; a severe case of anemia sapped my stamina and left me nauseated much of the day.

I cancelled my trips and faced the dim prospect of not bowhunting for the first time in 35 years.

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