Outdoor Life Online Editor

Bruce Brady is one of my heroes. He was a long-time southern field editor for Outdoor Life, and is one of the nicest men I’ve ever met. Based in Mississippi, Bruce wrote wonderful stories about hunts everywhere, including many in the west where he guided for outfitters, and hunted for sheep, elk, and other critters.

In the late 90’s, Bruce was diagnosed with cancer, and was fighting a tumor. Just prior to that diagnosis, we hunted turkeys, along with Charlie Elliott, a legendary long-time field editor, Vin Sparano, former editor in chief of Outdoor Life, and Murry Burnham, who owned Burnham Brothers calls, whose Dad was the first person in the world to discover that predators would respond to a rabbit distress call. Our hunt was eminently successful, but soon afterward, we learned that Bruce had cancer. The next year, Gary Roberson, who was the new owner of Burnham Brothers calls, hunted with Bruce and I on another turkey hunt. Bruce was enthusiastic and positive, despite his lack of hair, (due to treatments), and took a good turkey. Soon afterward, we had the good news that Bruce’s tumor had disappeared and he was cancer-free. Everyone who knew Bruce was overjoyed with this wonderful news.

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