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** Has the CDC Turned Pro-Gun?**
The above headline may be too much to hope for-after all, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which in theory is dedicated to non-ideologically driven science research, has long been a stronghold of anti-gun sentiment. In pushing for ever-greater degrees of gun control to counter what it considers the “disease” of gun ownership, the CDC long ago abandoned anything approximating an impartial viewpoint when it comes to the right to bear arms.

Yet the CDC issued what amounts to a stunning revelation earlier this year when it stated that 51 different studies on the effects of gun-control laws had failed to demonstrate that these laws had any effect on lowering crime rates and illegal gun use. Not surprisingly, though, the CDC said that the “inconclusive” findings of these studies mandate the need for, you guessed it, more studies.

Missouri Concealed-Carry Law In Place
The citizens of Missouri are now able to carry concealed handguns despite a veto by Governor Bob Holden. The state legislature was able to overturn Holden’s attempt to thwart the bill and the law went into effect in October. This is only the seventh time in Missouri’s history that a governor’s veto has been overturned.

The new law allows state residents 23 years and older to apply for a carry permit through their local sheriff’s office. In order to qualify, candidates must pay a $100 fee, pass a background check and take an eight-hour gun-safety course. The law also has provisions for residents who are at least 21 years old to carry a handgun in the passenger compartment of motor vehicles without the need of a special permit.