Outdoor Life Online Editor

San Francisco Proposes Ban
San Francisco supervisors have proposed an initiative to appear on the municipal ballot next year that, if passed, would prohibit everyone except law enforcement, military and security personnel from possessing a handgun in the city. The proposal, however, may be in violation of California’s preemption law, which bars local governments from passing regulations that deny the state’s authority to regulate firearms.

Amazon Supports Anti-Gunners
Amazon.com recently came under fire by gun owners upset that the online retailer was allowing a percentage of purchases to be donated to the Million Mom March, an anti-gun organization. Amazon says it doesn’t endorse organizations or their causes and that the group is simply one of 900,000 participants in its associates program. The program allows groups to place a banner ad for Amazon on their Web sites in exchange for a percentage of the sales generated through the link. Any group can apply to become an associate.

NYC to Hold Gun Makers Liable
The New York City Council is hoping to make those who make and sell guns accountable for crime by passing the Gun Industry Responsibility Act. The act seeks to hold gunmakers and sellers liable under certain conditions if a criminal in the city uses their firearms. The law also seeks to hold those same manufacturers liable if their guns are sold at a gun show that does not perform background checks.

Educating Future Journalists
The National Shooting Sports Foundation and the National Wild Turkey Federation recently held a two-day media seminar for University of South Carolina journalism students on the history and economic importance of hunting. The group also discussed issues of ethics and accuracy in reporting about firearms, then spent a day on the shooting range.