Outdoor Life Online Editor

Got bismuth? You’ll need it for cow-boarding. Not to be confused with a frat-row prank, cow-boarding has a small but devout following among goose hunters across the country. The premise behind the bovine camouflage is simple-most cows are lousy shots. Cow-boarding is a simple technique. You don’t need to master a symphony of complicated honks and squeaks on a goose call. “You just kinda mosey along, like a cow, until you get in shooting range,” says Wyoming hunter Eric Todd (pictured above with his son Forrest).

Sick of decoy-shy geese, the Todds made their Holstein-patterned cow board after hearing about hunters successfully employing cow boards in Nebraska. “It sure is a lot more fun sneaking up on the geese than waiting for them to come to you,” Todd says. It’s more effective too. Now they’re creaming the competition and proving the age-old adage: Only two things come from Wyoming…steers and goose hunters trying to look like steers.