Outdoor Life Online Editor

My name is LT Briley and I am currently deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. My unit, 1-505 PIR, is stationed about an hour outside of Baghdad in an area called Al Fallujah. Our Forward Operating Base (FOB) is located in an old Iraqi resort of sorts and is appropriately titled “Dream Land” by the locals. Bungalows surround a nice sized lake stocked with all sorts of fish. I fish here during my down time when we are not out policing up old regime loyalists and have caught several large sized fish.

It’s amazing how nice this place is compared to the surrounding community/environment. Saddam truly held his people in poverty while he lived the good life right before their eyes. It amazes me that the Iraqis tolerated this type of leadership for so long. We are really making a difference over here and I am very proud to serve my country during this important time in our history.

I thought that I would share my story with you and send in some photos of the “resort” and some fish that I caught. Thanks for your time and please continue to pray for our troops.

Lt. William Briley
Med PL
1/505 PIR