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Seven Secrets to Trophy Elk
Thirty years of taking big bulls with a bow have taught Idaho hunter Jim Daniels a thing or two about elk hunting.

Offshore Bassing
Can’t find the bass that were along the shore a month ago? Turn around- they’re in all that open water. Here are some clues to help you find them again.

Which Buck Do You Want
Antler-point restrictions, the most controversial concept in deer hunting, have now spread to 21 states. So, dare we ask, do these programs work?

When Big Bucks Turn Bad
Whitetail attacks on humans aren’t as rare as you may think. And when they do occur, things can get ugly in a hurry.

Caribou for Two
Jim Carmichel and Jack Atcheson double down on monster bulls in the Canadian wilds.

Deer of the Year
We’re back with another collection of photos and stories showcasing readers’ trophies from last season.