Outdoor Life Online Editor

The Soft Touch

Twenty tips for fishing pliable plastics, plus a visual guide to soft-plastic lures as well as the right sinkers, hooks and jigheads for every imaginable situation on the water.

Size XL Bassin’
Giant tube lures are hot out West and oversize topwater props are the thing down South, but wherever you hunt lunker bass, plus-sized baits will help you catch fish.

Way to Grow!
Want to see the biggest bucks of your life? No problem. Plant food plots that keep whitetails stoked with proteins and minerals year-round.

The Most Dangerous Game
After an interminable stalk, an errant shot sent a wounded lion into the bush. Now we would have to track him into his thornbush world, where all the advantage was his.

SPECIAL SECTION-Tackle Test 2002
We put the year’s newest rods and reels through a three-day, drag-testing, line-flipping, rod-bending casting contest. Here are the results.