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Shoot the Moon
Lunar phases trigger key changes in deer movement in the fall. Here’s what to expect and how to take advantage of it during the peak of the rut.

Up Close for Antelope
Sometimes the most difficult shot can be from less than 100 yards, as OL’s Shooting Editor discovered during a New Mexico pronghorn hunt.

Get the Drop (Shot) On Fall Bass
Try these basic finesse-fishing techniques to catch more bass even when they don’t want to bite.

The Best Days for Deer
Pinched for time this hunting season? Follow this hunter’s almanac to zero in on the days when you definitely should be in the woods.

Six Steps From Death
His fawn bleats were good enoguh to bamboozle blacktails. Unfortunatley, they also fooled a cougar.

Body Language
Don’t set out your goose decoys haphazardly. Organize your spread so that it sends the right message to wary geese.