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BOATING SPECIAL by Frank Sargeant

  • Built for Speed
    Find something close to the perfect bass boat among the 2002 models.

  • Tough Enough for Walleyes
    When the weather gets rough, these boats will get you to the bite and back-safely and comfortably.

Terror in the Wild
By Krista Hanson Holbrook
Her husband desperately held the wounded boar off by its ears.

Going to Extremes
These guys just don’t know when to quit. Meet a handful of sportsmen who are tough and focused and who wring all the juice out of an outdoor experience.

Cheap Thrills
By Jerry Gibbs
Pack a tent, rent a car, take a few friends and hit the road to discover the red-hot salmon and trout fishing outside Anchorage, Alaska.

Dark Waters, Deadly Gators
By Jim Zumbo
Zumbo goes on his wildesst hunting adventure yet. The mission? Gators in the Florida swamps.