Outdoor Life Online Editor

November’s election is quickly approaching and its time for sportsmen and women to take a hard look at the two candidates running for president.

There are many issues that pertain to our sports that are making headlines this election. Here at OutdoorLife.com we’ll be bringing you the latest news from both the Republican and Democratic parties.

Stop by frequently for the latest from the campaign trail. Our reporters are covering both the Democratic and the Republican National Conventions and are asking the hard questions that sportsmen want to know concerning conservation, firearms, hunting and fishing.

Here are our latest updates:

11/3/04-FEATURE: Sportsmen’s Voice Prevails on Election Day
By Lawrence G. Keane

11/2/04-FEATURE: Fulfilling the Promise of the Sportsmen’s Vote
Vote Your Sport!
By Jodi Stemler

10/22/04-FEATURE: Sportsmen’s Voter Guide 2004
Where do candidates stand? Outdoor Life looks at the issues affecting hunters and fishermen and how your representatives voted.
By Frank Miniter

10/14/04-FEATURE: Sportsmen, Hunt, Fish, and Vote!
Polling of hunters and anglers in three swing states suggests some 80% will vote in this year’s election.
By Jodi Stemler

**9/27/04- FEATURE: Kerry Vs. Bush**
In their own words, the two presidential candidates on gun rights, hunting and fishing.
By Outdoor Life

**9/2/04- COLUMNIST: Don King the Outdoorsman**
Don King offers his advice at the R.N.C.
By Will Snyder

8/25/04 – COLUMNIST: Targeting The Gun Vote
Politicians everywhere are courting the sportsman vote, but which candidates can gun owners trust?
By John Snow

8/20/04 – COLUMNIST: Snubbing the Sportsman
After attending the Democratic Convention, I wonder if the party understands the importance of the outdoorsman
By Will Snyder

8/18/04 – NEWS: Bush Promises more CRP Funds
Both candidates are playing the outdoorsman card