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From Hanback:

A few days ago I posted about new legislation proposed by a North Dakota representative whereby riding around with a gutted deer in or on your truck could get you a fine.

A big majority of you agree with me that this idea is silly as hell and has a snowball’s chance of passing, especially in a state where almost everybody hunts.

Gordon sent me a gruesome picture and got me to think more about it. He blogged:

“I don’t see the point of covering up your kill except to protect the quality of the meat. We always do that with a tarp, not that we care about offending anyone. My friend and I were returning from Montana to Las Vegas after each killing a bull elk and a buck mule deer; we pulled into a convenience store in MT and saw an SUV with 3 cow elk roped to the roof. We were surprised the roof hadn’t caved in. Blood was draining down the windows of the vehicle and it looked grotesque. It attracted a lot of attention, mostly negative. We both thought it was stupid. That’s the sort of thing that powers up the meddlers.”

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