Outdoor Life Online Editor

Silent Running Tip
I just read your fine article about ways to reduce noise in boats [BRACKET “Boating, June/July”]. Here’s another trick: A pickup truck bed liner applied to the inside hulls of aluminum boats can really help to muffle noise and vibration. It can also permanently seal pesky little seeps and leaks. Both the spray-on and paint-on types will work, provided the surface is etched first.
_Chris Bynum
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QDM Believers
I read with great interest the feature “Which Buck Do You Want?” by Charles J. Alsheimer [BRACKET “A Brave New Course, Part 2, August”]. I believe antler-point restrictions can only serve to better hunting for everyone interested in taking bigger bucks. Such restrictions will affect only those people who continue to take two-, three- and four-point bucks-the same people who are causing the problem by not allowing bucks to mature.

Why not put up some restrictions? Then people like myself, who let the little bucks walk year after year, can actually see them next year, when those deer have grown up a little and have a rack worth talking about.
Jeff Lake
Battle Creek, MI

Thank you for the series “A Brave New Course” [BRACKET “June/July, August”].

I live and hunt deer in southeastern Minnesota, an area of the country that could have deer hunting as good as or better than anywhere in America. And yet our great potential is largely unrealized. For years, I and many of my fellow deer hunters have urged our DNR to change, and yet it remains very resistant to new ideas. Articles like yours are important to us in our efforts to bring deer management practices up to date. Please continue to do more articles like these.
Michael Sieve
Houston, MN

Quiet, Please
Shouldn’t “The World’s Quietest Bow” by Bill Winke [BRACKET “August”] have read: “The World’s Quietest Compound Bow”? Please tell Mr. Winke that longbows and recurves are better than ever. The “world’s quietest bow” does not have wheels.
Joe Vecchio
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Like the Look
The June/July 2002 issue of Outdoor Life is simply the best I’ve seen in years-great design and layout, good variety of stories and terrific product testing. Keep up the good work.
Norm Klopfenstein
Rocheport, MO

Are Your Guns Covered?
In November 2001, thieves broke into my home in Pennsylvania and stole my gun safe. I reported the theft to the Pennsylvania state police immediately and they investigated the premises. A complete list of the contents and serial numbers was given to them. In addition, the area FBI and ATF officers were advised.

For six months, I heard nothing, even though I left weekly messages with the police. Finally, after calling the state office, county judge and sheriff, I got a call back. Their answer was that they were “waiting for a lead.”

My homeowners insurance does not cover firearms for their replacement value but only a maximum of $2,000 combined. I was not aware of this. Gun owners should check their policies, look into the NRA insurance program and make sure they’re covered.
Al Nassan
Brooklyn, NY

Lucky To be Alive
Wow! “Death Blinked Twice” [BRACKET “June/ July”]. I had to read this story three times. I have lived in Alaska 10 years, and none of the hunters I know would back up a bear hunter with a shotgun. That’s what they make high-powered rifles for. Also, using an undersized boat on a 20-mile river trip without life jackets is totally insane. We live on a river and the rivers here are fast, extremely cold and dangerous.

Obviously their number was not up. Why, I can’t figure.
Kris Sickles
Chickaloon, AK