Outdoor Life Online Editor

**Arizona: **The state’s best pike fishing is found near Flagstaff, in Upper Lake Mary and Ashurst Lake, which recently produced a 32-pound behemoth. Lake Mary’s murky nature makes bright Dardevle Clicker Spoons or Johnson Silver Minnows with white Mister Twister trailers good bets 1. Ashurst is stocked with rainbow trout, so a Luhr-Jensen Kwikfish, Rebel Holographic Minnow 2, Storm Hot-N-Tot or Yo-Zuri Pin’s Minnow with a realistic trout finish will turn the heads of pike there.

**Colorado: **Stagecoach and Eleven Mile reservoirs are tops for pike weighing in excess of 25 pounds. Look to flashy blade lures such as Strike King’s Titanium Elite, Terminator’s Quad Blade, Cabela’s Livin’ Eye spinnerbait 3, Blue Fox’s Bulgar Bucktail and the Mepps Comet Mino in shad with a silver blade 4.

**New Mexico: **Pike slipped into the Land of Enchantment via the Rio Grande in the north-central part of the state and the Pine River, which feeds Navajo Reservoir, in the northwest. The entire Rio Grande south to Cochiti Reservoir gives up pike to 25 pounds. Navajo holds similar trophy potential. Fisheries biologist Rick Castell recommends live waterdogs in reservoirs; for the Rio’s slower runs try flashy X-Rap 5 or CountDown Rapalas 6.