Outdoor Life Online Editor

Now and again, the stars align and a great idea becomes a reality. That’s the way I felt when White-tail Editor Mike Hanback called to pitch me on doing a blog for our Web site devoted to big bucks and whitetail hunting. For those new to computerese, a blog (from “Web log”) is a conversation a person has with others over the Internet.

It can be about anything.

Mike’s blog, aptly called “Mike Hanback’s Big Buck Zone,” is about big bucks, deer hunting and all things related to whitetails. As Mike began to share his ideas, I could hear the excitement build in his voice. This guy is the real deal-a hard hunter who’s paid his dues through years of hunting. He’s straightforward, opinionated and knows more about whitetail hunting than just about anybody. Best of all, Mike’s a down-to-earth guy, so everyone who comes to this new site will find him approachable. No ego, no fluff-just solid deer-hunting information from a guy who really knows his stuff.

Mike’s vision for the blog got me fired up. He’ll share breaking news of interest to deer hunters, as well as his take on important hunting issues such as dwindling land access and enclosure hunts on preserves. And Mike’s plugged in to everybody in the deer world. Trust me, if someone takes a monster buck anywhere, you’ll hear about it here first.

Knowing Mike, I’m sure you’ll also hear his occasional rants about politics as it relates to hunting and his raves about things that he likes-from new equipment to favorite destinations. You can also read his best hunting tips, along with the latest where-to and how-to advice. And you’ll be able to follow his adventures this coming season, as he travels across North America in search of Mr. Big. In short, the Big Buck Zone is your one-stop shop for all the latest news on deer and deer hunting.

The beauty of Mike Hanback’s Big Buck Zone is that you can be a part of it. Got a question? Log on to outdoorlife.com and shoot it to him. Want to weigh in with your own opinion on what he’s discussing? The Big Buck Zone is your place to sound off. We think everyone will soon be talking about Mike Hanback’s Big Buck Zone because it’s going to be the gathering place for deer hunters everywhere.

One thing I guarantee is that you’ll never be bored. I’ve asked Mike to take the gloves off, so you’ll really get his honest opinion and fresh perspective. Mike is posting regularly with new topics to discuss and responses to your questions and comments. You can count on the conversation being lively and fun.

So tell your friends to log on to outdoor life.com and become a part of the biggest thing that’s happened to deer hunting since the invention of the grunt tube. See you at the Big Buck Zone.

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