Outdoor Life Online Editor

Welcome to the wild world of OutdoorLife.com!

Today marks an important day in our 103-year history–the launch of our own dedicated Web site. Would that we could fill the screen with fireworks and lots of noisemakers hooting at this point because we’re very excited.

The site that’s before you is the result of many long days of labor and creative thought by our Webmasters, Liz Burnham and Audrey Aloi. Together with our editors, they’ve worked hard to develop a site that truly reflects the core mission of Outdoor Life: To be the most authoritative hunting and fishing publication in America.

The Ultimate Archive
What you’ll find as you explore OutdoorLife.com is a whole new window not only into where the magazine is going but where it’s been. Because the internet knows no bounds, we are now able to run stories from Outdoor Life’s past in their entirety. Our tribute to Jack O’Connor, which appeared in our December/January issue is a good example. Space limitations permitted only excerpts of O’Connor’s best stories to run in the magazine, but our Web site provided the unlimited space needed to run every story just as it originally appeared. The same goes for all the comments made by product testers in our annual Gear Tests for firearms, optics and fishing tackle. Highlights appeared in the magazine, but the unabridged comments are all on the Web site.

The bottom line is that OutdoorLife.com is going to play a major role in how we can serve your interests in hunting and fishing even better.

Easy to Use
We spent a lot of time thinking through the navigation of our site with primary emphasis on making it easy for you to find what you’re looking. That’s why our home page is laid out in a straight-forward way with key interest areas of hunting, fishing, shooting, adventure, gear, regional reports, news, facts & fun.

Click and hold down on the icon and the drop-down menus make it easy to see what’s available in each category. Want to read some wild bear stories? Click on Adventure. Need to know when the draw dates are for special hunting seasons in your state? Click on Regional Reports and go straight to your state. Need a chuckle? Click News, Facts and Fun to find Pat McManus’s Last Laugh.

More to Come
A few highlights that we look forward to bringing you in the future include:

  • More interactive games and fun.

  • Open forums where you can talk directly with Jim Carmichel, Jerry Gibbs, Jim Zumbo and many other guests.

  • A solid rotation of editors on this page that will give you a window on who we are, what our backgrounds are and how we put Outdoor Life together each issue.

  • We’ll also be sharing some of our favorite tips as well as opinions on just about every topic you can think of.
    Like Outdoor Life magazine, we don’t just want this to be our Web site, we want it to be yours! So take some time, poke around, have some fun and let us know what you like (and don’t like) about the site.

Our goal is to make OutdoorLife.com the number-one hunting and fishing Web site in the world. And with you’re help, we’ll do it.