Outdoor Life Online Editor

What was supposed to be a Fourth of July weekend vacation quickly turned dangerous for 18-year-old Stephen Schultz of Marietta, Georgia when he went deep-sea fishing with his family off the coast of Panama.

The teen sustained several injuries when a 600-pound black marlin lunged forcefully toward his face.

Remarkably, Schultz’s sister Allison caught the entire ordeal on tape. It is believed to be the first time that an event like this was ever captured on film.

Schultz had been wrestling with the fish for about 25 minutes before the terrifying turn of events. And then, within seconds, the giant fish leapt out of the water and toward the back of the boat. The marlin’s bill crashed right into the left side of Schultz’s face, immediately knocking him to the ground.

The teen lay in a pool of blood as the family and crew rushed to his aid. After a two-hour boat ride back to Panama, followed by an airplane ride, Schultz received medical attention at the National Hospital in Panama City. He suffers from four broken bones in his nose, as well as several deep cuts in his throat and mouth.

Despite the incident, Stephen, Allison, and their father Robert Schultz say they would go fishing again.