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Test Yourself: Could You Survive Being Stranded In Your Vehicle?
A family in Oregon became trapped in the wilderness over the Thanksgiving holiday, far from help, when their car got stuck in the snow. Would you survive in a similar situation? Take our quiz to find out.
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Pack List: Survival Equipment For Your Car Or Truck
When accidents occur, or massive blizzards strike, it’s easy to get stuck far from help. Will you be prepared? These lists will help you survive until the plows can dig you out.
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The Outdoor Life Essential Survival Kit
It fits in a fanny pack, and it could save your butt. Here’s what to take when you’re heading out on any hunting, fishing, or camping trip.
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Essential Skill: Don’t Lose Your Head
One of the best survival tools you have is your brain. Here’s how to use it.
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OL Guide To Survival Foods
Eating chipmunk, snake and the occasional wild bird egg might keep you going in a survival situation. But it?s far better to plan ahead and take emergency foods into the field with you. What should you take?
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Don’t Get Lost! Four Tips That Could Save Your Life
You thought you were on the trail back to camp, but suddenly everything looks unfamiliar and you can’t find any sign of it. Now you aren?t even sure which way led you to this spot. You?re lost. Here?s how to find your way home.
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