Outdoor Life Online Editor

A kid goes to a carnival and returns home as the proud owner of a new goldfish. The trouble is, his parents don’t want it. Figuring it would be best to give the goldfish a fighting chance, the kid decides to set it free. This is likely what happened on a bass lake near Gary, Indiana.

The lake is now being overrun with goldfish, causing conern for both biologists and anglers. Marine biologist Jonathan Lowrie says the goldfish are harmful to bass populations because they stir up mud in lakes, destroy bass nests and produce large amounts of mucus.

In this particular lake, goldfish make up approximately 90 percent of the fish population. Bob Robertson, a state biologist, said they were probably introduced to the lake by folks who didn’t want to keep them, but didn’t have the heart to flush them down the toilet, Bob Robertson, a state biologist said.