Outdoor Life Online Editor

Owning a car in a place like New York City has its risks. A stereo could be stolen, or someone could scratch up the paint job. Common wisdom would be that in rural Kentucky, your auto would be safe from abuse. Chris Morgan, of Casey County, didn’t have a run-in with teenage vandals, but he did awake to find his Chevy Tahoe torn up. The culprit this time was a black bear, and the bill for repairs reached $3,000.

First the bear went after the grille and fenders and then attempted to bite the hood several times. His teeth were so sharp they nearly punctured the metal hood and his big body dented several parts of the frame. As if the bear were an expert in sabotage he went after a wiring harness and ripped out the sparkplug wires. All of this was done while the Morgan family slept a few yards away.

Morgan believes the bear was after his wife’s cats. She had three, but only two could be found the next morning. Wildlife officials said that bears are new to the area but they’re propagating rapidly.