Outdoor Life Online Editor

A young, intrepid photographer got a face full of bear fist at his home in Maine. The 18-year-old was the first reported bear attack in the state in over 5 years.

Nick Talbot noticed a black bear eating at a bird feeder in his yard. With a camera in tow he sneaked outside to snap a few shots of the magnificent creature. What he didn’t realize, however, were the two cubs on the edge of the woods.

Talbot’s dog started barking, alerting him to the cubs’ presence. But he didn’t have time to react to the charging mother. The bear slashed at his arm, knocking him to the ground before snarling in retreat. Talbot told the Associated Press, “She hit me so hard it knocked me to one side.”

Fortunately, Talbot did not need medical attention after the attack. He was quite surprised by how quickly the bear could move. He told the AP, “It’s unbelievable how an animal that big is that fast.”