Outdoor Life Online Editor

On Saturday night I attended the Republican National Convention Media Welcome Party. It’s likely I was the only gun owner in the building, and definite that I was the only one who was familiar with field-dressing a deer. That is, until I leaned down to pick up a dropped business card and came face-to-foot with a pair of black leather cowboy boots. But it wasn’t a Texas hunter in front of me. It was a rhinestone cowboy named Don King.

Apparently King has jumped ship from the Democrats to throw his weight and silver tongue behind President Bush. Always the shock artist, King was dressed up in the wildest turquoise cowboy outfit complete with Bush buttons and glitter. (The hair was in great form too.)

Seizing the opportunity I asked Mr. King to say a few words about hunting.

“Son,” he said, grabbing my shoulder, “the important thing about hunting is you got to keep learning about learning those animals.”

“Learning about learning?” I asked.

“That’s right, you’re not going to catch those rabbits unless you keep learning about learning them.”