Elk Crossing...In Kentucky?

Drivers to see new road signs

Outdoor Life Online Editor

Motorists in eastern Kentucky are used to seeing deer crossing signs along state roads. In fact, the well-racked, typical buck leaping across a yellow background is one of the most common road warnings in rural areas. But residents in Clay and Leslie counties will soon see a competing sign with a larger member of the deer family, one that has not been a common sight since the end of the 1800s.

After 55 incidents where drivers have struck elk, the state decided it was time to alert folks that the cow-sized critters might be standing idle in the middle of curving, mountain roads. Kentucky officials had originally set a few signs up when elk were reintroduced to the region seven years ago, but they've since been stolen by people in search of a souveneir.

There's nothing spectacular about the new design. Replace the current whitetail deer with a bull elk. The sign is representative of the success of adapting elk back to their former range.