Outdoor Life Online Editor

Fran Thompson, like many homeowners who live along lakes and golf courses, has been fighting a growing goose epidemic. For 10 years she has watched as a growing resident Canada goose population has made her yard their nesting ground, and more annoyingly, their toilet. Still the problem for her isn’t the geese, it’s the people that drive by and feed the geese.

Visitors to Stone Lake in Wisconsin leave several loaves of bread each day for the waterfowl. The result is a dramatic increase in goose feces, which raises concerns about water pollution for Stone Lake residents. The amount of goose dung in the water is so high that Thompson told the Herald-Argus, “I wouldn’t put my big toe in there.”

The LaPorte city council, whose jurisdiction includes Stone Lake, responded to Thompson’s concerns by voting 6-1 on Monday to prohibit feeding waterfowl at city parks and public beaches. Violating the new law means a $50 fine, although city officials say only the most flagrant feeders will be penalized.