Outdoor Life Online Editor

A self-climbing tree stand can only go as high as the tree that supports it. A ladder stand has the same problem. Paul Darga of Posen, Mich., didn’t like such limitations, so he set out to build the Tower of Babel for deer stands. When the last plank was laid two years ago, the structure stood over four stories tall, and there’s room to grow.

From the highest vantage point, roughly 36 feet off the ground, Darga can see six neighboring farms and the shores of Lake Huron, four miles away. And don’t think he’s taking in the vistas from a rinky-dink swivel chair or bench seat.

The second floor has a table, heater, chairs, a recliner and an oven used for baking pizzas. One flight up is a room with a view and a couch. Finally, the penthouse suite is modest, with only a chair surrounded by windows for observation.

Darga, a retired crane operator, used his own machinery to put into place four telephone poles anchored by concrete and steel cable supports. If anyone challenges his deer stand with an even taller structure, Darga warns that he will add even more to his, going as high as 55 feet.