Outdoor Life Online Editor

A visitor who was both unexpected and unwelcome surprised students on lunch break at Olympic High School in Washington this week. A young black bear wandered onto campus, and authorities believe that he was just looking for a bite to eat.

Unfortunately, the bear’s hearty appetite caused an hour-long lockdown at the school. The bear was spotted around 10:30, the start of the first lunch period. Students would normally be eating outdoors, but officials thought it was best to keep the student body inside until the bear walked away. Later teachers served as lookouts, watching the woods for any sign of the bear’s return, while students ate lunch as usual.

Principal Bob Barnes later told The Sun of Bremerton, Wash. the bear showed up because “he was smelling that good cafeteria food.”

An increase in beer sightings is typical this time of year. Mothers send their yearling cubs off on their own, because it is the start of the mating season.