Outdoor Life Online Editor

Even if you’re comfortable with heights, it’s easy to become acrophobic when you’re perched high on a treetop in a rickety deer stand. The small seats and swaying timber is never reassuring. And one Arkansas hunter knows firsthand what it’s like to be one false move from a nasty fall.

That’s because he slipped on his stand in driving sleet and was left hanging by his foot 30-feet off the ground. When firefighters finally found him, he’d been swinging like a crippled trapeze artist for over 8 hours.

The man was first secured by a safety rope and then brought down via a ladder local rescue workers had brought into the woods. Unfortunately, he was not in good condition, suffering from hypothermia and kidney damage. After a couple of surgeries, though, he is expected to make a full recovery.

From now on, it will make sense to hunt from a ground blind.