Outdoor Life Online Editor

While loading their car after elk hunting deep in the Montana wilderness, two hunters were approached by another truck. The driver asked if they had seen a one-legged man around. That’s a strange question in any circumstance, especially in the middle of nowhere.

The two hunters said no, but asked why. The driver explained that while he was hunting he happened upon a bag. Inside the bag was a prosthetic leg. The two parties exchanged information and went their separate ways.

Later, as the two hunters were heading home, they passed an RV and stopped to talk with the passengers. Driving the RV was an agitated woman, with her husband in the passenger seat. She asked the men if they’d seen a green bag in the road.

“A green bag of what-prosthetic legs?” one of the hunters jokingly asked. The couple lit up, that was exactly what they were looking for. The husband was an amputee and the leg was a special replacement for hiking in rough country. Thrilled they could be of assistance, the hunters gave the couple the contact information for the man who found the leg.

Apparently, the leg had bounced out of the back of the RV at some point during the couple’s drive.