Outdoor Life Online Editor

Squirrel-proofing a bird feeder is an exercise in futility. Despite hundreds of clever gimmicks to keep them out, the pesky rodents will find a way for a quick and easy meal. One Indiana resident, Alberta Jones, had found a near perfect deterrent to keep squirrels out of her feed.

Jones, nicknamed Annie Oakley for being quick on the trigger when squirrels approached her yard, intended to do some backwoods, rather backyard, hunting this week-until she shot herself.

Though her injury wasn’t serious, Jones did require surgery to remove a pellet from her knee. A dozen pellets hit her legs after the 16-guage shotgun she was carrying discharged in the kitchen. The pellets ricocheted off the floor and struck her.

Lucky for her, the shotgun blast occurred inside. If it had happened outdoors, Jones would have been charged with hunting squirrels out of season. So instead of spending the night in jail, she’s spending it in the hospital.

“I’ve tried everything to shag them away and they keep coming back,” Jones said to the South Bend Tribune. She even professes to having shot groundhogs and anything else that might pose a threat to her bird feed.