Outdoor Life Online Editor

Now through July 15, 2005, Orvis will offer customers the choice of a T3, Superfine, TLS Power Matrix, or Frequent Flyer rod at 25% off if they send us a usable fly rod that can be donated to the scouts, children’s hospitals, or other charitable groups that teach kids about fly fishing.

Battenkill Large Arbor Reels will also be offered at 25% off in exchange for a usable fly reel. Donated rods and reels can be any make or model, but must be in good condition.

The Orvis Rod and Reel Swap is an annual offer that enables our customers to upgrade their fly-fishing equipment. The benefit is twofold, because it also offers a child the chance to experience the sport. Many of the organizations that receive rods and reels from this program support children from low-income families, or children with chronic illnesses that would not otherwise be able to learn about fly fishing.

In 2004, hundreds of rod and reel outfits were donated to camps, organizations, and after-school programs. Ten of the donated rod outfits were shipped to the 327th Signal Battalion of the U.S. Army, after soldiers found ponds at Iraqi palaces stocked with bass and perch.