Outdoor Life Online Editor

Swimming in Florida this past summer has been a dangerous sport. Rip tides and huge surf are the result of hurricanes, which are appearing on the coast with the same frequency and excitement as an overdue credit card bill. These swimming fears had been the sole worry of those in saltwater.

Now freshwater swimmers have their own worries, as a 20-year-old lady was found dead in a lake near Fort Meyers, Fla. She was the victim of an alligator attack. The alligator had bitten off a section of her right arm before swimming away.

The college student was in town visiting her grandparents. During the day on Saturday she had made several references about wanting to swim in the lake near her grandparents’ house. According to authorities, it appeared that she had decided to go skinny-dipping around 2:30 a.m. The next morning her father found her body.

Later on Sunday an alligator was removed from the area after being trapped.