Outdoor Life Online Editor

Bobby Capri Jr., a 14-year-old of Stafford Township, N.J., paddled his kayak out of Surf City to fish for the day. By the end of his trip he had landed a 52.8-pound striped bass, but was a lot further from home than when he started. After Capri hooked the fish, the huge striper dragged the kayak for nearly 20 minutes. The pair went passed several rock jetties, and the bass pulled the kayak in a dozen circles.

When the fish wore down, Capri ran into the problem of boating the giant on a 10-foot kayak. He grabbed the fish under its gill plate and slung it onto the top of his kayak. However, as Capri paddled back to shore the weight of the fish kept tipping the bow of his bow. Within 15 yards of the beach Capri took the fish in his arms, jumped out of the kayak and waded it to shore.

The striper came within five pounds of the IGFA world record for Capri’s age group. The record weighs an even 57 pounds