Outdoor Life Online Editor

Guys can be obsessive about their macho images. In fact, they’ll go so far as creating stories to preserve their manliness. Davy Crockett “killed him a bear when he was only three.” And Hemingway documented the many times he faced charging lions. Unfortunately, for James Nelson of Lewiston, Maine, he won’t hold company with the aforementioned.

Nelson had his hands full and more with a pesky groundhog. The mythic beast took swipes at him and twice knocked him to the ground. The episode started after the groundhog attacked his two poodles to the horror of his ten-year-old daughter who witnessed the assault.

Trying to shoo away the animal didn’t work, so Nelson whacked it with a shovel. The groundhog retreated briefly, but returned, even more aggressive than before. Nelson was able to get the groundhog cornered under his garage, and then contacted the police.

The policeman teamed up with Nelson to dislodge the animal from his hiding spot, but the groundhog was having none of it. He charged the two, causing the policeman to fire a shot. It’s not clear if the bullet found its mark, but the groundhog fled and hasn’t been seen since.