Outdoor Life Online Editor

A New Zealander, Neville Cunningham, had in his possession a 10-point elk rack that measured 5 feet 2 inches tall. The market value is well over $25,000. For personal reasons, Cunningham decided to have a replica made, which meant he had to ship them to the United States, West Virginia in fact.

When the antlers arrived in Appalachia, the taxidermist said he was unable to make a reproduction and referred Cunningham to Leland Cox. Now the plot thickens.

The antlers were sent from West Virginia to Grand Junction, but according to Cox they never arrived. According to shipping documents, they did. Shortly thereafter, a purchasing agent for Cabela’s was contacted via the Internet about possibly buying the rack. The asking price was $40,000.

A warrant was issued and Cox was arrested on suspicion of felony theft. He is awaiting indictment. The antlers have been returned to New Zealand.