Competitive Hunting Update

The World Hunting Association (WHA) has updated its website with a statement from Chuck Sykes, a longtime hunter and guide, wildlife biologist, host of a TV show and consultant to the WHA.

Outdoor Life Online Editor

Sykes seeks to inform us about the safety of the "chemical immobilization process to be used in the white-tail deer competitions." He speaks of drugs like Telazol and Xylazine (T/X) and their low mortality rates and cites scientific journals like the Wildlife Society Bulletin. He talks about how licensed veterinarians will check the vital signs of bucks...remove the darts and apply antibiotics to the blood work...administer a reversing agent...

Who's doing the PR up there? If I were trying to sell the WHA the science is the last thing I'd talk about. Are any of you going to read about T/X drugs, 2% mortality and good vet care and then go, "Okay, hot damn, now I'll support it." They just don't get it.