Gerry Bethge

Deputy Editor

The “Elder Statesman,” of the Outdoor Life staff, Gerry Bethge began his career at the magazine in 1982. He was fortunate to have worked side-by-side with outdoor-media icons such as: Jim Carmichel, Jim Zumbo, Jerry Gibbs, and Charlie Elliot among others. During his career, he has held numerous titles including: executive editor, fishing editor, web editor, and editor-in-chief of brand licensing.


  • Expertise and interests include hunting whitetail deer and turkeys, saltwater fishing 
  • Enjoys the outdoor news beat at Outdoor Life and Field & Stream
  • Previous work experience: Harris Publications (editor-in-chief) and Salt Water Sportsman (exec. editor)



Bethge began his career at Outdoor Life in late-1982 after spending a year at WFAS radio and the Millerton News/Lakeville Journal newspapers. In his first 14 years, he covered a multitude of national and regional issues. In 1996 he became the Editor-in-Chief at Harris Publications where he managed up to 27 different hunting, fishing, and firearms titles per year. He remained at Harris for 10 years prior to becoming Executive Editor of Salt Water Sportsman. (was the former Executive Editor of Saltwater Sportsman—still the only fishing magazine nominated for a National Magazine Award).He has been an editor, with multiple titles, at Outdoor Life for the past 10 years.


Bethge graduated from Fordham University with a B.A. in Journalism in 1981 and an M.A. in Public Communications in 1987.

Words of Wisdom

“Be your reader.”