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Our experts cover the conservation, shooting, and survival news that hunters, anglers, and shooters care about most. “Open County” features our public-lands and access reporting on state and federal public land, as well as critical issues of wildlife and habitat conservation that affect hunters and fishermen. “Gun Shots” offers everything from in-depth video reviews and new product coverage to second-amendment news for avid shooters and hunters.

You can also find shotgun, rifle, and handgun reviews here. Our seasoned survival guru Tim MacWelch details every tip, trick, and hack you need to survive from the backyard and the deer woods to the deepest wilderness, including fire-building, emergency supplies, navigation skills, foraging, plant identification, and more in his blog “The Survivalist.” Finally, the “Cast-Iron Chef” posts offer the best wild-game field-dressing tips, meat care practices, butchering advice, and healthy recipes for fish, small game, upland birds, ducks, venison, elk, and more.