Aug_15_06 Kansas writer and big-buck fanatic Jody Hadachek always knew his wife was a fast learner.

In an article over at he wrote: “Alicia seems to have a magical gift when it comes to hunting. Whether it’s shooting a bulls-eye with her Black Max 2 or finding that certain spot for a stand, she’s usually right on target.”

In September 2004, Alicia scouted a new KS property, patterned the deer and pinpointed a spot for a ground blind. On October 5, her second day on the place, she double-lunged her first deer ever, a fat doe, at 27 yards. “I got the entire hunt on film, and we couldn’t have been more proud!” Jody says.

On November 7 that year, Alicia spotted a rut-crazed buck, pulled her 46-pound Mathews and stopped it with a mighty grunt–UURRRRPP! The buck froze in his tracks and her Carbon Express CX200 blew through both lungs. The weird-racked buck ran 60 yards and dropped. “This might be my first buck, but it sure won’t be my last,” Alicia squealed with excitement.

Aliciastuffedbuck Yesterday Jody sent me this note about Alicia’s latest hobby—taxidermy: “I thought you might like to see a few pictures of a buck Alicia just got done mounting for a friend of ours. This is only her second deer mount ever. She basically got a couple of McKenzie taxidermy videos and went from there. She customized it a bit, and went with a slightly open lip look. What do you think?

I think it’s awesome. Fast learner indeed. Alicia may be the only woman in North America who can scout a buck, hang a tree stand to hunt it, kill it with an arrow and then stuff it. You go girl!