Aug_25_06 Bob Prickett was sitting in a stand in Kansas one evening last September when his cell phone rang…and rang…and rang…and rang! He keeps it on silent/vibrate mode in the woods, but somehow it got switched to ring. Bob freaked, dug frantically for the phone and finally cut it off. Sound carries a long way on those soft, still summer evenings.

The dozen or so does and young bucks near his stand perked their ears, looked and went back to feeding. A weird sound for sure, but they had never heard a cell before. No danger, right?

A short time later Bob looked up and saw a monster coming. He fired his T/C Encore, smoke plumed into the air and the 300-pounder went down. Bob’s incredible 13-pointer (check out the point coming off the left base) gross-scored 198 and change—the biggest typical ever shot in mega-buck Kansas with a muzzleloader!

Moral of the story: Make sure to flip your cell to vibrate before you get in your stand…hmm or maybe not? Wonder if Bob used Cingular or Verizon to ring up that giant?

Moral 2: Who says the big ones only move in the rut? The early, early season when deer are still locked into their summer bed-to-feed patterns is a good time to score big? Get ready!

(Thanks Tim Lilley for the info and photo.)