Aug_22_06 I had 6 of the best rack scorers I know send me their very educated guesses as to what these fantastic KS sheds would score if they were still attached to the noggin of the brute that dropped them. I gotta tell you we were all over the board. Some of our scores were close; others were almost 20 points lower or higher. We had some controversy.

Scoring racks from a photo is always subjective because of the camera angle, how far out or back a person is holding them, etc. That’s OK, makes it more fun. We scorers had lots of calls and emails back and forth, arguing as to whether this was a 176, 185 or 195 buck.

Making it doubly tough with these antlers: the thick mass, the 9 visible major points (some scorers knocked off a lot for lack of that 10th point) and spread. Speculation on inside spread ran from 18 to 23 inches, causing 5 points of wiggle room alone. Guesses on main-beam length ran from 27½ to 30”, another possible 5-point margin of error.

In the end I had to make a judgment call, so I threw out the highest and lowest scores, averaged the middle four and came up with 184 3/8 inches gross.

JD won with a super-close guess of 184 2/8. Email me your address JD and I’ll get you out your goody bag right away.

Incredibly, somebody hit it right on the head with a guess of 184 3/8, submitted on August 10. But he or she didn’t leave his email address or handle, so unfortunately he or she had to be disqualified. Also, ZONER Jeff D., who won the first rack-scoring contest we had several months ago, came in with 184 6/8. Jeff, I’m thinking about taking you on the road with me this fall as official rack scorer before I shoot, LOL!

Several people sent interesting information about these sheds. I understand the guy who found them went right into a patch of woods and picked them up 15 minutes later—talk about having a buck patterned at horn-casting time! I also heard his dad went into the same timber on the same day and found the same buck’s previous sheds. Pretty amazing.

Thanks to everybody for taking part in the contest, we’ll do it again soon.