Sept_29_06 Another cool, crisp, colorful, wonderful hunting season is upon us. Let the innuendo and rumors and BS begin!

This photo is popping up all over the Internet. The bull was supposedly shot in Idaho’s Selway Wilderness with a bow and arrow and scores between 530 and 575.

According to the Boone & Crockett Club, if the bull was indeed a wild, free-ranging American elk it would be 130 to 150 inches bigger than any elk ever recorded from that region. Hell, it would be 65 to 110 inches larger than any typical or non-typical American elk in the record book!

B&C club says it is reserving judgment on this animal. Not me. I’ve hunted elk in the Selway several times and have shot a few 6-point bulls there. I can assure you there ain’t no giants like that one roaming around.

So where did it come from? Can you say high fence…elk farm…or what?

If that monster is wild and legit somebody prove it.