Sept_21_06_2 A scientific telephone survey conducted earlier this month shows that 78% of Americans support hunting, up from 73% in 1995.

“This is the first nationwide study where we could verify that public support (for hunting) has increased over the past decade,” says Mark Damian Duda, executive director of Responsive Management, the research company that did the survey.

PETA, put that in your pipe and smoke it my Bambi-loving friends!

One reason Americans overwhelmingly support hunting is because of the huge whitetail herds that now roam urban/suburban areas across the U.S. “They understand the need to actively manage these populations,” says Duda.

A lot of city folk who once loved seeing all the cute, fuzzy deer are now ticked at Bambi for eating up their azaleas, crops, gardens and fruit trees (another fresh rub just popped up on a Bartlett pear in my front yard, it’s become an annual buck signpost).

Non-hunting moms and dads are also tired of smashing the animals with their Volvos and mini-vans as they drive to work, the store and pick up their kids from soccer or piano. Those $500 deductibles and increasing insurance rates add up.

It’s good news for us as archery seasons get into full swing. If you can get access to the right 5 to 25 acres of trees or thickets behind your neighbor’s house or next to Exxon or Wal-Mart or whatever, you are almost guaranteed to bust a doe or 2 with your bow, and you might kill a whopper buck.

So put on civilian clothes (no camo for now) and start knocking on doors. A few hunter-hating yuppies will flip you the finger, but they are in the clear minority. Three out of 4 people will let you kill some deer in their backyard, pretty awesome and a sign of the times.